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THE MONTHLY MESSAGE March 22, 2005   

"Individuals that stand out are ones that express their
beautiful sole."  - John Fluevog

John is offering you a chance to win a prize bonanza from one of the hottest bands on the planet. Enter before April 15th for a chance to win the Grand Prize Pack PLUS every 10th online shoe order we receive will get a Scissor Sisters runner up prize while supplies last - so get orderin'.
The Grand Prize Bonanza consists of:
  - a free pair of Fluevogs
  - 1 Sampler CD
  - 1 DVD
  - A Silver Scissor Sisters necklace
  - A Scissor Sisters coaster set
  - A Scissor Sisters CD signed by the band
  - A Scissor Sisters T-Shirt
  - A Fluevog Poster signed to you by John himself
Damn that's hot! Click here to enter.
Pop music has exploded, in an edgy, sexy, supremely tuneful commotion - thanks to the uncommonly brilliant sounds of the Scissor Sisters.

Scissor Sisters bring together rollicking guitar riffs, throbbing synths and a whole bunch of wicked lyrics. Their influences skitter through glimmers of vintage Bowie, Roxy Music and Elton John to Giorgio Moroder, burlesque theatre and rock opera.

Most recently they were the recipients of 3 coveted BRIT Awards: Best International Breakthrough, Best International Artist and Best International Album.

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