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new shoes

spring 2011



John Says: "Never weary in doing good."


April 1st has long been a day of gags and tomfoolery, which we have always been thoroughly against. We would prefer to celebrate the more noble Fluevogian-related significances of this magical date.

On April 1st, 1891 The Wrigley Company was founded in Chicago (a Fluevogian city). On April 1st, 1976 Steve and Steve formed Apple Inc (an official Fluevog half-sister company). And on April 1st, 2011 Fluevog Portland will open its welcoming doors and celebrate all things Fluevog in the city of weird!

voting booth

The Rules Curie FluevogCreative Brief recently closed, and now it's down to you beautiful Fluevogers to decide which piece of artwork will sail on the pages of media and spread around the world like wings through an hourglass of communicative communication. When you're of sound mind and clear conscience, make your voice heard, vote for your favourite, and be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.

design briefs

In other FluevogCreative news, we have recently uploaded a new design brief for a Fall '11 shoe, looking for artwork. If you have the world's greatest ad stuck in your head for this shoe, and like the idea of Fame, Fortune, Romance and late nights, get it out of your head and into FluevogCreative. Be a part of global Fluevocracy!

What do you mean you can't find Fluevogs in New Zealand? If we told you you can find them in Auckland and Hamilton at Unique Soles, would you be happy enough to do a slo-mo beach run to tell your lover?

And the next time you're enjoying the deliciousness of the Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park, Illinois, wander across the boulevard and chat with Takara while trying on some Fluevogs at Shoe Soko.

Remember, if you can't find Fluevogs in your city, you can always let us know where you'd like to see them in our Other Retailers Section.


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