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Back in the Middle Ages of 1970, young John began his journey to shoe super stardom in GasTown, Vancouver. Now, 38 years later, a slightly less young John (by about 38 years or so) has returned to his roots in grand Fluevog style. We're proud to present the 10th store in the John Fluevog Coalition: The John Fluevog Flagship Store and Design Studio.

When you walk through the doors of this atrium (previously a parking lot) at 65 Water Street, you'll be greeted by fresh flash Fluevogs, but you'll also be acutely aware of the developments in the Design Studio on the mezzanine. That's where new Fluevogs are being conceived, designed and birthed. Imagine being that close to a miracle!


John Says: "A walk in the park soothes the soul."

To christen the new Flagship store, we're presenting the Best Spring Collection of Fluevogs this year! There are new takes on existing styles, Brand New Styles and even the odd Brand New Family! Have a gander, talk amongst yourselves, and remember... you never know what a Fluevog can do.

Make a stop in at FlueShots and remind yourself who you're in the same company as. Better yet, upload your own FlueShot in the next 7 days and YOU COULD WIN FREE FLUEVOGS*!! The opportunities are infinite: How does your Fluevog Family look when they're hanging out together on your bedroom floor? Can you balance all your Fluevogs on your trombone? How well can you dress to match the Fluevogs on your feet?

(*When uploading, make sure you register, and enter your email address. If you've uploaded before, never fear, just upload a new one to enter the current contest. The prize includes $200 FlueDollars, an email, and good fortune. A highly trained selection group will be tasked with drawing the winner. We reserve the right to remove any FlueShots (although, we have never had to so far). If you're having trouble uploading, email your FlueShot to info 'at' fluevog.com. Get Snappin' and good luck.)


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