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• THURSDAY, MARCH 28th 2013 •

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New Angels

Almost 25 years ago, John Fluevog launched the first Angel-Soled Fluevogs, and they've been walking the Earth saving customers from Evil ever since. In celebration of 7th Heaven Angelic production moving back to Europe, John is releasing a small run of three familiar styles in a variety of hues and patterns. From Polka Dots to Lace, Acid Wash to coloured Angel Soles. Like all Angels, they are resolable, heavenly to walk on and protect against alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan. As it says on the iconic pull tab... DDFT!


Newly Restocked

John is thrilled to announce that the next store in the fun filled Fluevog Empire will be in Toronto's Distillery District! The Distillery District is the largest preserved collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in the World, perfect for a relaxing shopping experience among the most unique (often Victorianesque) shoes on the planet. TOP SECRET: On opening day, John will release one men's and one women's Limited Edition shoe available at this location only!


John Says:
"Happy Easter!"


IFD Petition

We're just 48 Days away from the biggest and brightest International Fluevog Day the world has ever seen. To help you join us in your local Fluevog Store or online Social(media)ly, by 5:15pm 5/15, we've started a petition to get you off work 30 minutes early on Fluevog Day!! SIGN THE PETITION and be a part of Documented Fluevog History at 5:15!!

(If you need extra help... we'll SEND YOUR BOSS A NOTE!)


FC Vote

Thanks to all those Liz creative submitters and gallery viewers — we were overwhelmed with amazing artwork! We love having Fluevogers play a role in all parts of the Fluemmunity. Speaking of that, now's the time to VOTE for your first choice Liz Ad! Choose wisely, and save the world from BAdverts (and help create converts (while chilling in your grass-skirt (or other clothes))). VOTE once a day...


FC Brief

The Integrity Arabella has taken the Fluniverse by storm! While sitting there enjoying your French Press coffee, if you have some creative or artwork ideas up your sleeve, down your street, or deep in your soul to make the world's greatest Advertisement for this perfect shoe, send it in and you could win $1000 OF FLUEVOGS!!



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