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Pieces of John

• SUNDAY, APRIL 1st 2012 •

The importance of John and his Soul has never been taken lightly, and although some Fluevogers truly believe John is immortal, no one knows for sure. After several painful and failed attempts at cloning John's Soul, a crack team of scientists and numerous 'ologists have finally found a way for John to always be with his flock on the off chance that he doesn't live forever...

Starting with the current Spring 2012 line of shoes, John's DNA will literally be a part of every pair of Fluevogs until the end of time. For years we collected John's hair, shaving stubble, finger nails, eyelashes and tears, and combining that with more science, we've found a way to create an unlimited supply of FluevogSoulDust™®© that when administered properly during sole construction adds 3 strands of John's DNA into every Fluevog Sole Guaranteed.

Spring Shoes


Contest Teaser

Stay tuned for the biggest contest to hit these Fluevogian shores since Fluevogers wrote to rescue John who had been kidnapped by Satan. Put it this way, if you plan on wearing shoes for the next ten years, stay tuned...

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