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The Purpose: Objective

If your Objective for spring is to win at style while getting an interesting foot tan, these fisherman style sandals are for you. They’re brand new to stores and already getting plenty of bites (by bites, we mean interest). Stop by and try them out for yourself! They're teeth mark-free, we promise.

The Features: Grant

This week’s edition of the Fluevog Newsletter features The Features Grant. Besides being really excited to write that, we’re also very excited about adding this colo(u)rway to our Spring ’14 Men’s Collection. It’s a classic Fluevog style with a bright twist, ready to win at business and life (according to the Best Principles from FluevogScience).


Fluevog Day Fact #4


FC Winner

You voted, and we listened. The winner of The LoPro FluevogCreative brief is the very talented, Rebecca Loring with her entry, “The Twins”. Three cheers for all of your hard work and voting, Fluevogers! Way to prove that Fluevocracy is alive and well.


FC Brief

We’re thrilled to introduce a shiny new FluevogCreative brief for the charming Soprano Carey. Itís time to get your pencils, laptops, darkrooms, hot glue guns, macaroni noodles, or other necessary supplies out and get messy. Show us your best FluevogCreative ad and Win $1000 Fluevog Dollars!

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