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Win 10 Years of Free Shoes!

Enter to win a pair of Fluevogs every year for 10 years! The winner will be announced on International Fluevog Day, May 15th, so mark your calendars! Oh, and you should probably consider buying an extra suitcase — if you win, you're going to have too many shoes for your carry-on. Enter once a day.


Brandenburg Light

Weve been (im)patiently waiting for spring, with our Brandenburg Lights in hand, for what seems like centuries. Now that it's here, what better way to celebrate than lacing up a pair of our fabulous, UNI-sexy floral Brandenburg Lights? (Hint: there is no better way.) So get out there & DDFT!


34 Days Until Fluevog Day!

To help you join us in your local Fluevog Store or online Social(media)ly, by 5:15pm 5/15, we've started a petition to get you off work 30 minutes early on Fluevog Day!! SIGN THE PETITION and be a part of Documented FLUEVOG HISTORY at 5:15!!

(If you need extra help... we'll SEND YOUR BOSS A NOTE!)


FC Brief

We’re thrilled to introduce a shiny new FluevogCreative brief for the charming Soprano Carey. Its time to get your pencils, laptops, darkrooms, hot glue guns, macaroni noodles, or other necessary supplies out and get messy. Show us your best FluevogCreative ad and Win $1000 Fluevog Dollars!

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