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• WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th 2 0 0 9 •


Spring has Arrived! In perfect timing, all of the shoe-dream seedlings John planted last year have sprung forth and arrived in your nearest neighbourhood Fluevog store. Drop by a store or online and have a gander - they'll be waiting for you...

Exactly 1 month away from
International Fluevog Day!


John Says: "On The Road, the gaps in the line are Faith Builders."

If you saw any of the coverage on CNN last month of the VintageVog event in New York, you'll know what all the excitement is about as we cross the continent to offer a West Coast version. Our LA VintageVog stock rooms have been bursting at the seams for quite some time, so we decided the LA store (@ Melrose & Gardner) should be the venue for the 2nd VintageVog event since the beginning of time.

This event is in-store only, so if you wear shoes and live within 1000 miles of LA, you'll want to be in and around the LA Fluevog store this Friday and Saturday.


A few weeks ago in Ohio, Kerry strolled over to the computer after a delicious dinner and took a gander at some Fluevogs she had her eyes on. She'd been revisiting those Wearever Takks in black for some time now. With the flick of her wrist and the click of a button, she submitted her order and typed out the comment You have the best shoes in the world, completely unaware that she was making Fluevog history.

Thanks for the order Kerry (those shoes are on John), and many thanks to the previous 49,999 order-placers as well as all future order-placers for making fluevog.com the greatest e-commerce website in the history of the Universe.

Exactly one year ago, we called on the infinite wisdom of Fluevogers worldwide to decide which archived family, the PinUp or FellowshipHi, to resurrect and design a new style in. Your collective, thunderous voice chose the PinUp Family with 69% in favor, so meet Miss April - an open toed beauty on your beloved PinUp heel. Fluevocracy in Action!


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