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Win 10 Years of Free Shoes!

As if you needed another excuse to get your feet into a Fluevog Store! Visit your local Fluevogologists from now until May 14th to try on some shoes and you'll be entered to WIN a FREE pair every year for 10 years. That’s enough to fill a suitcase full of free Fluevogs — talk about some very precious cargo.


IFD Class Photo

International Fluevog Day is full of smiles, and this year we want to borrow yours! Be at your local Fluevog Store for 5:15pm on May 15th to be immortalized in Fluevogian History as part of our Annual Class Photo! For participating, you'll get your own copy SIGNED by the birthday boy himself, JOHN FLUEVOG!



This NYC is a showstopping sandal sure to create a few traffic jams this summer. If you’re fearless enough to mess with rush hour, rock The Rockafellah on your next inner-city stroll and watch the heads turn. You can find them amidst their admirers online and in-stores now!


FC Brief

The Soprano Carey is waiting for the brilliant FluevogCreative we're confident is hanging out in your brain. Let it out and send it in! If your ad is chosen, you'll get to see your artwork in awesome magazines AND be $1000 Fluevog Dollars richer!

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