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Funky Shoes by John Fluevog - News

• FRIDAY, APRIL 18th 2 0 0 8 •

John Says:
"Give a little - it will free your Soul."

Can't you just feel it? Summer (set to be one of the top 4 seasons of 2008) is right around the corner, and we've got the new shoes to join you on your patio sips, your weekend trips and your swinging hips. We're even introducing a new family in it's honour: The Summertime. Or perhaps something like the new Radios is more your style - FMs for boys and AMs for girls (obviously), these perforated jobs will help you tune in, turn on, and Vog Out! And if you've been looking for that perfect genuine pony fur dress shoe, then the Style and Grace John Waynes are for you. Don't Delay, Fluevog Today!

Again, we are calling on the infinite wisdom of Fluevogers Worldwide. Tell us whether to do a new style in the PinUp Family or the FellowshipHi Family. John is ready, pencil in hand and trusty Fluevogian blood running through his veins. With your collective, thunderous voice, choose the family you'd like to see resurrected, and John will get started on designing a new style for it! Choose wisely sweet Fluevogers.

Many thanks to all you Fluevogers who uploaded new FlueShots recently - they were all fantastic! If you haven't had a look recently, there are some humdingers up there. John went through every one to hand pick the winner of our "Upload a new FlueShot, win a pair of Fluevogs" Contest. Congrats to Brent who won with the beautiful swirly VeggieVog photo. And runner-up congrats to Lily and Melissa who submitted the Theatre and the Ghia shots. Nice work everyone, we mean it when we say that it took John ages to make up his mind - he loved every one (especially yours ;).

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