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•FRIDAY, APRIL 20th 2012 •

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If you've ever thought about buying, selling or swapping a pair of lightly loved Fluevogs, we've built a cyber space for you! Here in the FlueMarket you can connect your eBay or Craigslist Fluevog post to your FlueMarket posting, or even just list them here au naturel. Who knows, you may walk away with some new or used shoes or money and make a new Fluevog Friend (the best kind). It's like a Fluevog specific Flea Market, but without the elbowing.


Win 10 Years of Free Shoes

Until May 14th, come in to one of our stores and try on a pair of Fluevogs, or buy a pair online, to enter your name to WIN A NEW PAIR OF FLUEVOGS EVERY YEAR FOR 10 YEARS!! That means you won't have to worry about being well shod until 2021 - at which point you'll probably be well on your way to developing wheel feet anyway. Enter by May 14th and on International Fluevog Day (May 15th) we'll announce the winner!


John Says:
"How beautiful upon the mountains..."


FC Vote

Once again we've been blessed with wonderful artwork from Fluevogers for the latest FluevogCreative brief, The Keepsakes. Now the finalists are up and waiting for your magical votes. Raise your voices Fluevogers! Exercise your Fluevocratic rights and help expand another Fluevoger's shoe closet by choosing your favourite and voting once a day! !


Fresh Radios

Radios haven't been in such hot demand since Casey Kasem started broadcasting from the garage of his parents house. Fluevogers will be glad to know that we've recently restocked all the stores and the World Wide Web with a new batch of freshly made Radios in a variety of styles! Tune in, turn on, and Vog Out!



Less than 1 month until the biggest and brightest International Fluevog Day the world has ever seen. Have we already planned everything and booked the bands, jugglers, lawyers and astronauts?... Maybe? Are we confident that it will be your greatest Fluevog Day experience of 2012? Absolutely! So remember to add it to every calendar you partake in, and remind co-workers you may not be able to fall asleep on the 14th. May 15th, 2012 is closer than it's ever been!



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