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It's probably the one day of the year where the world thinks "has it been a year already?" in unison. That's because International Fluevog Day is the only historical celebratory occasion that has no respect for time or national borders, but embraces all cultures.

In the May 11th entry of his 1502 logs, Derek Columbus (Christopher's brother) entered "Here we go again... I bet this is his final voyage. (I can't believe it's almost Fluevog Day.)" On May 15th, 1796, Napolean (Little Napo to close friends) was triumphant in Milan, wearing his custom Angel Boots and declaring "The irony of this occurring on Fluevog Day has not escaped me" while releasing a faint, uncharacteristic smile.

Fluevog Day will once again be a deeply soulful occasion that celebrates and combines all things good (you know what they are). It will be a day when you give and get an extra hug, eat a bagel, take pictures for no reason, have a tasty warm beverage, plan a trip, and try to smile at a thousand people. Yes, another year has passed, but with the help of our friends it will be the best Fluevog Day yet!

In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring and Summer are finally building up some courage, and will no doubt arrive with songs of jubilation and cheer. And, while your mother always told you not to eat corn chips in bed, she was also implicitly telling you that every decent Gentleman needs a light pair of casual summer shoes that can be worn with or without socks as the mercury dances up and down its pole. The flights are a family of such shoes, and come in 3 styles, and a merriment of colour options. When you fly Fluevog, you always fly first class.

In line with John's campaign to save the world from bad sandals, The Hope Aspires feature buttery soft and supple veggie-tanned leathers that wrap around the ankle, on a 100% bamboo heel and a molded sole that extends to the heel for extra shock absorption. No socks allowed.


John Says: "Observe with
your eyes and make decisions with
your soul."

Le premier contact des Fluevog avec la ville de Québec remonte à 1895, lorsque le grand-oncle de John a décidé de s’y rendre pour vivre le Carnaval dont il avait tant entendu parler. Il a trouvé qu’il faisait un peu froid, mais les festivités, l’ambiance et le cidre Timmons lui ont rapidement donné chaud au cœur. C’était la deuxième année du Carnaval et, selon certaines rumeurs, un visiteur scandinave aux cheveux roux s’est exclamé que cette fête devait se répéter chaque année, jusqu’à la fin des temps. Les organisateurs à l’époque ont dû se dire : intéressant.

John, ayant grandi avec ces histoires et après l’avoir visité lui-même, a toujours considéré Québec comme l’une de ses villes préférées. « C’est l’art, la musique, la mode et l’histoire étroitement imbriqués pour former une ville magnifique et souriante. » Il va sans dire que nous sommes plus qu’emballés à l’idée qu’un magasin Fluevog s’ouvrira à Québec dans quelques semaines à peine. Nous avons tellement hâte!

The Fluevog’s first interaction with Quebec City was back in 1895, when John’s Great Uncle headed there to experience the Carnaval he’d heard so much about, first hand. He found it a little cold but warmed to it quickly with the aid of the festivities, the spirit and the Timmons Cider. It was the second year for the Carnaval, and rumour has it that a red-haired, Scandinavian-accented visitor cried out that it must happen every year until the end of time, and organizers thought.... interesting.

Hearing the stories as a young boy, and then visiting it himself, John has always found Quebec City to be among his favourites. “It’s art, music, fashion, and history all wrapped up in a beautiful, smiling city.” Needless to say, we’re thrilled to be weeks away from opening Fluevog Quebec City. We can’t wait!

Congratulations Jenna Gonzalez! Jenna is our latest official FluevogCreative. A potter, a baker and a hiker, Jenna submitted artwork for the Curies and had to beat out some fierce opposition to take top spot, thanks entirely to the voting of Fluevogers Worldwide. Read more about Jenna and take a look at some of her other creations, and get ready to see this one in some of the best publications around the globe (and get ready to see Jenna in some spanking new shoes).

If this gets your juices flowing, nurture it, as we have recently uploaded a new design brief looking for artwork. If you have the world's greatest ad stuck in your head for this shoe, and like the idea of Fame, Fortune, Romance and Juice, get it out of your head and into FluevogCreative. Be a part of global Fluevocracy and save the world from bad adverts.

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