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• WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21st 2 0 1 0 •


In celebration of his 40th year of business (in a row!), John decided to reissue a few of his favourites (and favorites) from the past four decades. Choosing from millions and millions of unique creations from the well-maintained and orderly Annals of Fluevog was no easy feet, but our tireless leader immersed himself in history and arose with confidence and a bit of a cough...

The handsome #2 Powell is a remake of one of John's first ever men's designs, and is named after the address of the first ever Fox & Fluevog store (which is around the corner from the current JF Flagship).

The Truth Pilgrim is one of John's classic designs from the 1980s. A pointy-toed, buckled t-strap loafer with stitched wrinkled leather on the instep, the Pilgrim shoe was one of John's first women's designs which took its initial inspiration from the Victorian Era.

The Hi Choice was instantly celebrated when it came out in the early 2000s. Recognized for leaving heart imprints all over the planet, the choice heel was the first shoe ever nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Perfect for the superhero secretary by day and vigilante vixen by night, the Hi Choice Vanny is built on the reliable, walkable, and resoleable Choice rubber sole with an oblong toe shape, that looks cute no matter how you wear it. To love or to hate the choice is yours.

(There are whispers floating around about further reissues this year, but you just never know what to believe anymore...)


John Says: "Always make a grand entrance."

In case you missed it, we have two New Official FluevogCreatives to introduce you to. Visit the Winners section of FluevogCreative to meet Phoenix and Samantha (not the name of a new alt rock band... yet) whose beautiful artwork won for the Ida Clark Ad and the Hope Family Ad respectively. See the current Design Briefs for your chance at Fame, Fortune and Footwear (and often a sneak peek at upcoming launches).

In more FC News, the finalists have been chosen for the iconic Angel Derby Swirl brief, and Fluevogers are again called to perform their Fluevocratic duty and decide on the next official FluevogCreative imagine the steady, nervous sound of noise cancellation with an awareness of your heartbeat gathering speed as the voting deadline of noon PST, Thursday approaches). Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the world has ever seen.

Although Fluevogers are generally good, courteous people who know that it's Earth Day on Thursday, we thought it couldn't hurt to send a reminder. And, as good Fluevogers, you'll know that although the First Earth Day happened billions of light years ago involving a number of gases and solids, what we now celebrate as Earth Day started in the Biblical Age of 1970.... it's celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year... coincidence?*

Truth is, John and the Earth have always had a close relationship, and for this Thursday John urges you to Park Your Car, Buy Better/Buy Less, and reminds you that Good Souls Leave Small Prints (no matter what your shoe size).


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