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• WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29th 2 0 0 9 •


Back in 1999, John first introduced the Grand Nationals (pictured left) in very limited numbers. He then was forced to reintroduce them a few years later for his own safety, as demand had become quite intense. This year, for the 10 year anniversary of The Grand National, John presents The Melrose - its first cousin you might say. While the former was known for its unique cloven wedge heel and side lacing, The Melrose has a zipper up the shaft, gold lining and an inverse, Italian-molded wedge heel. Be warned, wherever you go with these you will unwittingly seduce onlookers at every turn.

Arriving this week in Fluevog stores the world over... the long awaited, updated Radios (also the first to receive OnStar capabilities, what?). With rough, thick Atlas leathers, and a slightly turned up toe, The Radios are either simply hip or hip simplicity (depending on what you wear them with). The best part about The Radios, is there's a veggie option: arriving in about three weeks will be a Radio of heavy Spanish canvas, synthetic lining and water-based glues (all without the unsightly dead cow). As the sole proclaims...Tune in, turn on, and Vog out!

This next generation of Earth Angels have all the same benefits of the original Earth Angels: veggie tanned leathers, water-based glues and a hevea 100% biodegradable, satan resistant sole. The Travelers, as they've been nicknamed, are softer, less rigid, unlined and even more casual than their first generation Angel relatives. All that with the comfort of walking on a cloud (not recommended), the Earth Angels combine to make a shoe with a very small footprint, no matter what your shoe size.


John Says: "There are two kinds of people out there: those who shy away from attention, and those who wear Fluevogs."

It's true... this is the third and FINAL VintageVog Event, and it's all happening in Chicago at the Fluevog Store (1539 – 41 N. Milwaukee Ave). We've been given the go ahead from the Mayor and the traffic authority, and are set to start this Friday at 11am. For this weekend, Fluevogian elves have tunneled back in time & deep underground into the numerous makeshift Chicago stockrooms (some of which tunnel under the Chicago River), and brought back every VintageVog they could find. If you're in North America and have ever been described as "someone who wear shoes", you'll want to be in and around the Chicago store this weekend. (For everyone's safety, please practice being ecstatic before getting to the store.)

When you run a small business, there are going to be times when cash is in short supply. It's even worse if a bank who loaned you money decides it wants the money back immediately. Back in the Biblical Ages of Fluevog this happened to John. After a lengthy, heated discussion at the local bank, John caught himself calling the Bank Manager (wait for it) a turkey - harsh words for a man with a small, struggling (read: ahead of its time) shoe company.

For some reason, the Bank Manager shifted his bowler hat and gave John and his small shoe company more time. The next day, shoes started selling, and the bank was happy again. John now holds this word in high regard, and uses it only when absolutely necessary to encourage people to have faith in what they started. (He also enjoys turkey at Thanksgiving.)


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