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Distillery Opening Soon

We have almost completed Store 17 in our highly detailed plan for global domination (by sometime down the road). The Fluevog Spirit is coming to the Distillery District in Toronto on Saturday! That's two days! Quick, tell your pants! TOP SECRET: On opening day, John will release one men's and one women's Limited Edition shoe available at this location only! We can't wait! We hope you can join us.


Win 10 Years of Free Shoes!

You have 12 more days to ENTER TO WIN 10 YEARS OF FREE SHOES! On Fluevog Day (May 15th) we will draw a winner, and that person will be monitored and possibly given excitement shots in order to maintain socially acceptable behaviour. That person could be you! Try on a pair in any store, or buy a pair to enter. Good Luck future you!


Coming Soon: International Fluevog Day

We're just 13 days away from Fluevog Day. To help you join us in your local Fluevog Store or online Social(media)ly, by 5:15pm 5/15, we've started a petition to get you off work 30 minutes early on Fluevog Day!! SIGN THE PETITION and be a part of Documented FLUEVOG HISTORY at 5:15!!

(If you need extra help... we'll SEND YOUR BOSS A NOTE!)


Fresh Fluevogs: Brandenburg Lights

Has there ever been a shoe that works for so many occasions, in so many seasons, on so many different people of both sexes than the Brandenburg Light? (Not including hybrid snowshoes.) Try a pair on (and enter to win 10 years of free shoes) and see why it's the most popular Fluevog named after a German gate we've ever made.


FC Brief

The Integrity Arabella has taken the Fluniverse by storm! While sitting there enjoying your coconut water, if you have some creative or artwork ideas up your brain, down your street, or deep in your sleeve to make the world's greatest Advertisement for this perfect shoe, send it in and you could win $1000 OF FLUEVOGS!!



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