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• THURSDAY, MAY 6th 2 0 1 0 •


Do you occasionally find yourself in dusty museums, drifting into Exhibit Hall E's Saucers 1890 - 1906: The Foundation of Tea Time, wondering if this is really what needs celebrating? On May 14th (Fluevog Eve) Museum of Vancouver presents Fox, Fluevog & Friends: The story behind the shoes running until September 26th. The 3,600 sq ft exhibition incorporates almost 200 shoes dating from 1968 to 2000, complemented by photographs, news articles, catalogs, sketches, and other rare materials. Get ready for a colourful and colorful celebration of souls.

Like any good bakery, we try to keep everything at your local Fluevog Store warm & fresh. We don't store our merchandise in a poorly lit warehouse for immediate replenishment, or stockpile 80% completed pairs at the factory waiting for the next hot hue. For that reason, we occasionally run out of your size in popular styles. The good news is, your Fluevog stores have recently received a delivery of Freshly Baked Fluevogs, almost certainly in your size and style! (Please refrain from consuming large quantities of Fluevogs with your mouth.)


John Says: "These shoes have more morality than most of my friends."

Have you, like millions of people, often wondered what a Fluevog Coffee might taste like, or a JJBean Shoe might look like? Well, wonder no more. Now in stores, The Coffee Tenango Pump, inspired by the Special Reserve Fluevog Coffee Huehuetenango, roasted by 3rd generation roasters JJBean in celebration of 40 Years of Fluevog.

This Limited Edition single origin Guatemalan coffee exemplifies all that is sought after in great Central American coffees. It is very clean, with a refined acidity and a rich, nutty character. As one roaster put it, this is one of the best coffees I've tasted in years.

The shoe and the coffee are available in limited numbers instore and online... both are delicious and filled with body.

Only days away from one of the most celebrated occasions of the year, and you can feel the anticipation in your hair. Come by the store to pick up your teal laces to wear in celebration, and on the big day, try to get to a Fluevog store or to Fluevog.com to be part of what The Times calls ...one of the most exciting occasions of our future's history...

If you used an Official John Fluevog Keyring you'd always know where your keys are!

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