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1 week until International Fluevog Day

We're only one week away from the biggest day of the year! Here's what we can tell you:
At 5:15pm local time each of our 17 stores will be taking the first ever FLUEVOG DAY CLASS PHOTOS. This will happen every year to document each store's celebration. If you can get to a store for 5:15pm on May 15th we welcome you to be a part of history!

We have a number of wonderful 'Friends of Fluevog Day' who will be offering discounts with a Fluevog Day code both online and in real life.

There will be other deals and events so watch this space! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest information.


Win 10 Years of Free Shoes!

There's still room for more entries from YOU to Win 10 Years of Free Fluevogs! Up until May 14th you can enter every day if you want. Come in to a store and try a pair on, or buy a pair in store or online to enter. On May 15th, John will select the big winner and change their life (or at least their pant's lives). Imagine being able to choose a New Free pair of Fluevogs every year until 2023!... (insert daydream)


FC Vote

Thanks to all those Arabella creative submitters and gallery viewers — we were overwhelmed with amazing artwork! We love having Fluevogers play a role in all parts of the Fluemmunity. Speaking of that, now's the time to VOTE for your first choice Arabella Ad! Choose wisely, and save the world from BAdverts (and help create converts (always penalize perverts (and other bad people etc))). VOTE once a day...



Fresh Fluevogs: Liz

The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Booms have now been scientifically proven to be excellent for standing, sitting, skipping, riding, lounging, thinking, strutting, and running towards or away from things in! They also now come in Pink!... Boom!


FC Brief

When the stress of robot evolution is becoming too much for you, the experts say you should exercise your creative side. What better way than by designing the world's best Fluevog Ad for a yet unseen, unreleased, unbelievable new Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom heel? If your ad is chosen by your fellow Fluevogers you'll win $1000 in Fluevog Dollars which is more than enough to buy the Vivs in each colour. Tap your creative juices and pour them all over FluevogCreative!


Toronto Distillery: NOW OPEN



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