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•WEDNESDAY, MAY 9th 2012 •

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International Fluevog Day

With six days to go, International Fluevog Day 2012 has never been closer!! This Tuesday May 15th, come into a Fluevog Store for heart jolting entertainment, treats, giveaways and shoe deals, or pop online for Free Shipping and randomly selected (not random) free transactions. And remember, it's never to early to let your boss know that you'll be arriving late and leaving early on Tuesday... It's Fluevog Day!


Win 10 Years of Free Shoes

There is less than a week to enter (or enter again) the 10 YEARS OF FREE SHOES CONTEST! Until May 14th, come in to one of our stores and try on a pair of Fluevogs, or buy a pair online, to enter your name – and remember, you can enter once a day! The winner will be announced on International Fluevog Day. Unless you are a wheel-footed robot, you have every reason to try for this! (Wheel-footed robots can enter too, but can't win.)


New Elif

The popular Mini Elif has now been released in two new colour combos for Spring and Summer! The amount of Science that went into this shoe to ensure proper fit and strap action will amaze you – but it makes sure that all you have to worry about is fielding all those distracting compliments.


John Says:
"Practice Random Acts of Fluevog..."


FC Winner

Congratulations to Marcia of Calgary, Alberta who garnered the most of your votes to be crowned the winner of the FluevogCreative 'Keepsakes' brief. Marcia has lived in various places and like most Creative submitters enjoys a variety of creative interests. Take a moment to learn more on Marcia's Bio Page, and keep an eye out for her ad in your favourite magazines.


FC Brief

If this got your creative juices flowing, there is a FluevogCreative brief running right now. Get a sneak preview of our new Guardian Angels coming this Fall, and if the spirit moves you, get creative! At stake is Fame (your creative all over the place), Fortune ($1000 of Fluevogs), and Romance (a given). Pick up a pen or a mouse, create the best ad as chosen by Fluevogers, and save the world from BAdverts (and perverts).



The Fluevog Flea Market has taken off with a gusto! Thank you dear Fluevogers for embracing this initiative and saving unworn Fluevogs from their closeted demise. And thank you for being honest and Fluevogian in all your interactions, transactions and eventual satisfactions! Remember, you can buy, sell or swap your lightly loved Fluevogs in the FlueMarket and we've recently added a WANTED section for the ones that got away!


Fluevog on Pinterest

Just a reminder that we're on Pinterest, where we continue to learn about being awesome on Pinterest... stay with us, we'll get there!



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