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It’s that time of year again folks - that’s right, this weekend is John’s Birthday. And, like all Fluevogers, the older and wiser he gets the more generous he gets. As a gift to you on his Birthday, John is giving you a couple of ways to make it easier to get into some new Fluevogs.
To say thanks or to send John your bestest Birthday message ever, click on the card below and leave John your Birthday Greeting - on his birthday, we will collect them and put them all together in a giant card for him to enjoy until the end of time.
“Don’t give me no LIP SERVICE!” she bellows at her man. The Lip Service line is a lot of fun, and they’re ready to go as soon as you step in. Inspired by Ziggy Stardust meets Carmen Miranda, these shoes are OUTRAGEOUS, BRIGHT & SASSY, and are overflowing with ATTITUDE.
Ali will enjoy some free Fluevogs, signed CDs and Posters along with a truckload of other goodies (size of truck unknown). In addition, every 10th online order (while supplies lasted) received a runner up prize - so congratulations to:
CameronHorbCarlaSchultzMelissaGarlandCatherine BranninJeroneWedigMurielleGamaRobertPin
CandaceSavage PrizeswereputinthepostandshouldarrivesoonIfitdoesn’tarivesoonpleasespeaktoyourpostie

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