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International Fluevog Day is Tomorrow!

Only one more day until International Fluevog Day! Here are The 10 Things You Need to Know to have the greatest Fluevog Day you've ever had (we bet we can top last year's fun).

Win 10 Years of Free Shoes!

Fluevogs for everyone! Fluevog Day means Free shipping on ALL domestic orders and a $20 flat rate per item on all international orders!

Every 44th web order is free

Purchase your shoes online and you could win your entire order for free! As in, you won’t pay ANYTHING!

15% off regular items

It wouldn’t be Fluevog Day without new shoes – which is why you’ll get 15% off your purchase of regular priced items in-store!

Wholesaler Discounts

If you’re without a local Fluevog store, check to see if your Fluevog retailer is celebrating with us!


John will randomly FaceTime with Fluevogers in each Fluevog Store on Thursday to chat and give someone their shoes for FREE!

Random Act of Fluevog

Spread the love on this special day with a random act of Fluevog, and then inspire us by sharing it with the rest of the Flummunity!


Don’t miss out on any of the Fluevog Day action; sign our petition to leave work early tomorrow! (We’ll even email your boss if they need an extra reminder…)

Annual Class Photo

We want to see those smiles! Join your local store for their annual class photo at 5:15 pm and be immortalized in Fluevog history… We'll even send you a hard copy signed by JOHN!

Win 10 Years of Free Shoes!

Take the celebration online by using a Happy Fluevog Day profile pic with your choice of Fluevogs! Or, share updates from Fluevog on Facebook, or tweet #fluevogday for a chance to win prizes!

Fluevog Giveaway

Giveaways for all in-store and online purchases on Fluevog Day (it wouldn't be a party without goodies).

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