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• THURSDAY, MAY 14th 2 0 0 9 •

John Says:
"Tune in, Turn on & Vog out!"

It is only in recent years that May 15th, the exciting International Fluevog Day, has become the public celebration we know and love today. One always feels the anticipation right after the Easter eggs have spoiled and the decorations go on clearance (who are we kidding, we wait all year for this).

For those of you that don't know, Fluevog Day has essentially evolved into the best parts of every special day and holiday rolled into one. The love of Valentine's, mixed with the celebrations of New Year's and the fellowship of St. Patrick's Day, blended with the rest of them makes Fluevog Day pretty much the best day of the year (or so the NY Times declared... sort of).

Wherever you are this Fluevog Day, remember to cherish your friends, park your car, serve and be served, value your soul, leave small prints, tune in, turn on & Vog out, follow the beat of your soul, and be Fluevogian (oh, and show off your Fluevogs!).

This year, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on web orders today and tomorrow, and every 39th web order on May 15th is FREE. If you're in a Fluevog City, come by one of our 10 stores on the 15th for the festivities, and receive 15% OFF REGULAR PRICE. Join us in a store after work at 5:15pm on 5/15 for refreshments with like-minded Fluevogers, and be a part of the Fluevog Day '09 OFFICIAL FLUESHOT GROUP PORTRAIT!

(If you really can't wait for Fluevog Day, feel free to pass the time with this.)

*15% in-store discount and Free Ground Online Shipping [Continental US & Canada Only] offer cannot be combined.

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