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•MONDAY, MAY 28th 2012•

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We have recently restocked our shelves with a fresh batch of Best Sellers. That means your size is probably now available in that shoe you're still thinking about in the back of your mind. Which is handy, because it's taking up valuable real estate in the 'where are my keys?' and the 'what was this guy's name again?' space in your brain.



It's such an important year in politics that John just had to open a store in Washington DC – how else would the Fluevocratic voice be heard in the Democratic capital? We've been trying to open there for ages, and John's certainly been racking up the mileage points on Vog Force 1 (green technology powered by poorly baked cakes & bad coffee, producing standard unicorn dust exhaust). But it's finally going to happen in late Summer and we can't wait! Thank you DC... we'll see you soon!


Contest Winner


John Says:
"Let the dance begin!"


Sample Sale

John has always produced 'Unique Soles for Unique Souls', but these are even Uniquer (Uniquier?). There will be familiar Fluevog styles in never-before-seen colours, and familiar colours on never-before-seen styles — all in a wide range of sizes. Not to mention the fact that we found some perfect condition Vintage Vogs! Imagine having a pair of shoes that are truly 100%, one of a kind.


FC Brief

We've got some pretty incredible Angel news coming down the pipeline, and the only way to explore it is to take a look at the new FluevogCreative brief for the Guardian Andrews. While you're there, you'll probably get inspired to make a submission, knowing that if your peers select it as a winner you will win more than enough Fluevog Cash to buy a pair, receive praise & attention that would shy a diva, and probably start a positification seminar series that will change the world. Nice work!


FDay Thanks

It's official, May 15th 2012 was the biggest trending, trafficked, prized, and covered International Fluevog Day in history! Thank you to all Fluevogers and Partners for raising awareness of what The Post called '...maybe the single most... important cultural event of the month.' Join us on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and Google+ and enjoy mildly important interactions you can't believe you ever lived without.


Raspberry Heels

Our friends at Raspberry Heels are giving away a few pairs of Fluevog Shoes in celebration of the Euro 2012 Football Tournament. All you have to do is submit your wildest Euro 2012 supporter photo, spread the word to gather votes, then wait for the praise to rain down on you. The Fluevoger with the most votes will win their choice of Free Fluevogs from Raspberry Heels!



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