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• THURSDAY, MAY 29th 2 0 0 8 •

John Says:
"The only thing we should leave behind is good art."

Was it the lobby groups, the peaceful stand-ins or the heartfelt letters that brought the classically Fluevog ProVogs back? No one knows, but the important thing is that the ProVogs have risen from the depths of the International FlueSeum to hit the streets again for a very limited time. Complete with the unmistakable ProVog sole made from friendly biodegradable Hevea Latex, this limited run of ProVogs comes in a variety of Fluevogian colour combinations. These ceremonial ProVogs arrived in truly limited numbers from the resurrected ProVog Lab in Poland - we've said it before, but in this case we really really mean it, act quickly if you love this shoe. These are available in-store, or by phone order only - Godspeed sweet Fluevogers. DDFT!

*not available in the following stores: Montréal, Chicago & Boston

We’re not even kidding – over the last couple of weeks we have moved a whole whack* load of shoes to our Clearance section to make your spring a joyous, shoe-filled one. It's all divided into size availability so you don't have to spend a long time trying to find something that fits you. Everything in this section is limited quantity while supplies last. Plus we have both a US and a CANADA section. (*Size of whack unknown, but considered very large by most accounts.)

Thousands of thank-yous to the thousands of you who voted and left comments in our last VogPopuli. The collective voice of Fluevogers (and Super Fluevogers) has spoken. With a 69% share of the votes, the PinUp Family will be resurrected and reborn with a brand new style for Spring '09!

Secondly, thank you to the millions of Fluevogers who participated in International Fluevog Day on May15th - John Fluevog thinks you're awesome.

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