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Colo(u)r for Spring

Summer time is upon us! Fluevogers have always had a tendency to be footloose and fancy free during this season. It's a time to temporarily throw cares and concerns out the figurative window [smash]. When irresponsibly embracing childlike activities, it's important to wear shoes that fit the mood. The powers at be have voted, and the unofficial Official Shoes of the Summer are the Integrity Family and the Brandenburg Lights! They come in perfect hues for dancing, laughing, loving, skipping, dreaming and hugging (but not for grumping or bittering).


Granville Vancouver Sample Sale 2013

John has always produced 'Unique Soles for Unique Souls', but these are even Uniquer (Uniquier?). At this year's Sample Sale there will be familiar Fluevog styles in never-before-seen colours, and familiar colours on never-before-seen styles — all in a wide range of sizes. Imagine having a pair of shoes that are truly 100%, one of a kind.... just like you!


10 Years of Free Shoes Contest Winner

May 15th 2013 was the biggest trending, trafficked, prized, and covered International Fluevog Day in history! Thank you to all Fluevogers and Partners for raising awareness prompting The Sun to comment '...if there was no Fluevog Day, we would just skip May...' Join us on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and Vine and enjoy future massively important Fluevog-related interactions you can't believe you ever lived without. A special thanks as well to all the Fluevogers that entered our Win 10 Years of Free Shoes Contest! Julii from California is the lucky winner.


FC Brief

Have you ever been frustrated or annoyed by commercials or ads? If so, find your inner creative spirit and design a Fluevog ad for the next member of the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Family... The Viv! If selected, you'll walk away with $1000 Fluevog Dollars! Tap your creative juices and save the world from BAdverts!

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