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JF New Shoe Review

We know what you're thinking... how does John do it? He just keeps pumping out new shoes day after day after day. Fluevogers often wonder: Are the number of possible Fluevog shoe designs finite? Should he be slowing down and spreading them out a little? These are unanswerable questions for mere mortals, but our courageous leader shouts 'Nonsense!' in the face of doubt (or does he just shout nonsense in the face of doubt?).
What is finite, is the small production runs - avoid disappointment before your favouritest shoe ever runs out never to be produced again.

John Fluevog New Shoes


John Says: "Buy Better, Buy Less."

Datarock Contest

If you've been looking for a way to get your hands on a fresh pair of Fluevogs and a very Limited DATAROCK Tracksuit, have we got the contest for you. Throw in a bunch of other very pleasing items and you've got yourself a fantabulous prize pack. With the Norway connection it's no surprise that DATAROCK and Fluevog got together - in fact, 'DATAROCK' is actually Norwegian for 'feet'.*

JF Open Source

Is your imagination ahead of the whole shoe industry and you're sick of waiting for them to catch up? Here's your chance to go over their heads and deal with someone who actually cares what you want. All that you need is that brilliant idea. Even just for part of a shoe - scribble it down and send it to us. We don't care if it's on a bar napkin, as long as we can make it out. So, fax it, mail it, email it, bring it in, just get it to us, and you could have your shoe named after you!

*no it's not


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