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• WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1st 2011 •


John Fluevog Quebec

Le premier contact des Fluevog avec la ville de Québec remonte à 1895, lorsque le grand-oncle de John a décidé de s’y rendre pour vivre le Carnaval dont il avait tant entendu parler. Il a trouvé qu’il faisait un peu froid, mais les festivités, l’ambiance et le cidre Timmons lui ont rapidement donné chaud au cœur. C’était la deuxième année du Carnaval et, selon certaines rumeurs, un visiteur scandinave aux cheveux roux s’est exclamé que cette fête devait se répéter chaque année, jusqu’à la fin des temps. Les organisateurs à l’époque ont dû se dire : intéressant.

John, ayant grandi avec ces histoires et après l’avoir visité lui-même, a toujours considéré Québec comme l’une de ses villes préférées. « C’est l’art, la musique, la mode et l’histoire étroitement imbriqués pour former une ville magnifique et souriante. » Il va sans dire que nous sommes plus qu’emballés à l’idée qu’un magasin Fluevog vient d’ouvrir ses portes dans la ville de Québec!


The Fluevog’s first interaction with Quebec City was back in 1895, when John’s Great Uncle headed there to experience the Carnaval he’d heard so much about, first hand. He found it a little cold but warmed to it quickly with the aid of the festivities, the spirit and the Timmons Cider. It was the second year for the Carnaval, and rumour has it that a red-haired, Scandinavian-accented visitor cried out that it must happen every year until the end of time, and organizers thought.... interesting.

Hearing the stories as a young boy, and then visiting it himself, John has always found Quebec City to be among his favourites. “It’s art, music, fashion, and history all wrapped up in a beautiful, smiling city.” Needless to say, we’re thrilled to finally be in Quebec City!

Only 15 Reasons to Love Fluevog

In early May 2011, we asked Facebooking Fluevogers to give us their reasons for loving Fluevog. We also asked them to vote by 'likes' on other Fluevoger's reasons. By May 15th, Fluevogers had provided over 250 delicious reasons, and over 1 billion likes! (We're now on Facebook Server-Probation... again.) The Top 15 are listed here in hono(u)r of International Fluevog Day 2011 on May 15th. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

JF (hearts) Cgy

We can't wait to open the doors of our spanking new store in wonderful Calgary! We had been looking for a long time and finally found the right space, and we're currently hard at work trying to get it ready. We can't tell you the estimated opening date (July 1st) but it will be soon!


John Says:
"Stop and take time to clean out the things that weigh you down."

New Accessories

Talk about a windfall of totally awesome, perfectly functional, beautiful accessories all landing in the store at the same time. You know when you're getting ready to go to that thing, and then you're like wait...which purse should I take...I wish I had a small bag/portfolio/case right now (because you know that so-and-so in the black pants is going to be there, who's great but can be a little passive aggressive, plus you're going to that place near the concrete statue where the people can sometimes be a little whatever). Well, once again, we know that feeling and have launched a collection of beautiful Fluevog accessories with the perfect balance of simplicity & complexity for such an evening (good luck with 'black pants').


Fluevog Creative Vote Here

The Miracle Meera brief closed earlier this week and it's that time again. You may think you're just way too busy, or you're feeling tired, or you will just leave it up to the millions of other Fluevog Voters. But this is Voting we're talking about here! As a Fluevoger, this is your community. Dictate what other Fluevogers and non-Fluevogers will see when flipping through the pages of their treasured magazine, or strolling happily past a beautiful poster.

Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen.


Hot & Fresh Design Briefs

If all this voting and artwork gets your creative juices flowing, pour them all over our new creative brief and design an ad for the handsome & sharp Gateway Downings! Upload it to FluevogCreative and save the world from bad adverts.

Thanks for the best International Fluevog Day to date!

It's official, May 15th 2011 was the biggest trending, trafficked, prized, and covered International Fluevog Day in history! Thank you to all Fluevogers and Partners for raising awareness of what The Times called '... maybe the single most important cultural event of the month.' Join us on Facebook and Twitter as we post Fluevog Day photos from the stores (and other mildly important interactions you can't believe you ever lived without).

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