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•THURSDAY, JUNE 7th 2012•

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If there's one thing John has never shied away from, it's colour. Every period or decade that John has been around for, has had its own unwritten rules about color rules that he has generally decided to ignore. As a result, Fluevog Stores the world over burst with beauty and tingle the senses, especially during the summer months, when access to the world's rainbows is considered more acceptable. So pop on in or online and visit the pigment party!


Sole Strips

John has always been whimsical with the pen, but he called in some help from a friend for his second installment of Sole Strips. Communication through comics has been used ever since Plato took a break from partying with Forms. John didn't know Plato that well, but decided to use his own comics to help communicate the inspirations he had when coming up with theories for new shoe lines. This is the second Sole Strip and it celebrates The Bellevue Family this Spring: Keep Pushing!


Artist Grant

John has always been proud of his staff member's artistic interests — and there are a lot of them! From painters to dancers, musicians to actors, crafters to glass blowers, Fluevogologists are always excited to share their other passions with John. The Fluevog Artist Grant makes $10,000 available to eligible Fluevog staff every year, and may be split between candidates based on merit as decided by The Committee. Congratulations goes out to our latest recipients: Paul and Andrea!


John Says:
"Natural beauty rules."



The success of the newly founded FlueMarket (mostly due to you, the amazing neighbourhood Fluevoger) has now attracted attention far and wide. Nicknamed by some as Johnslist, The FlueMarket has been touted by others as "... the answer to our time's economic nonsense. What it means to you is access to lightly loved Fluevogs for a great price from well-kept closets the world over, as well as an opportunity to let go of those Fluevogs you never wear (mainly because your friends get so jealous). We'll let you know when John is speaking at the next economic forum.


FC Vote

Once again it's time to check out the amazing work we've been blessed with from your fellow Fluevogers. Browse The Gallery's hallways, or head straight to The Finalists where you can vote once a day for your favourite Fluevog advert artwork. Vote well, and vote often and celebrate your Fluevog Community!


FC Brief

After you've voted (see above) wander over to the FC Brief section: the only place to see the upcoming Wonders K2 heels. While you're there, you'll probably get inspired to make a submission, knowing that if your peers select it as a winner you will win more than enough Fluevog Cash to buy a pair, receive praise & attention that would shy a diva, and probably start a positification seminar series that will change the world.



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