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•FRIDAY, JUNE 16th 2 0 0 6 •


For all you fans of Female Fluevogs, John would like to introduce you to a few ladies.

First up meet Vanessa - the latest addition to the Fellowship Line. Like Joanna and Sandra, her Fellowship sisters who went before her, Vanessa is destined to be one of your staples. Like all good Fellowships she's dependable, comfortable and has a delightfully unique soul.

Next up is Tracey. Tracey comes complete with attitude - she's a little taller than her predecessors, but with all the voice. You name it, she's up for it.

Lastly is the newest addition to the Pin Up Family - Suzy Q. This two-toned sweetie makes a statement the second she enters a room, and like the Pin-Ups that came before her, she's an instant Classic. Check them all out, online or instore.


John Says: "Put your money where your Soul is."

Just in time for Summer, John Fluevog and Gnarls Barkley are giving you the chance to dance away in your Flash New Fluevogs, listening to Gnarls Barkley on your Brand New Apple iPod*. So throw on a black hat, pour yourself a glass of milk, slide some flavour on the turntables and ENTER HERE.
(*iPod does not include rare B-side GB 'Crazy' remix duet with John Fluevog)

Someone looking very 'John-like' was spotted last week on St.Denis in Montréal wearing a hard hat, well-worn Fluevogs and a tool-belt.

John has decided to continue down the Veggie path for the un-leather style-mongers. Recently out of the pot, came the VeggieVog Veggie Thong. With all the features of the original VeggieVogs, but topless, this animal-pleasin’, super stylin’, waste reducin’, naturally funky sandal will be a summertime hit.

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