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Recently, David Hawe shot some photos for Andrew Sardone's article in NOW Magazine, and we just had to share them with you. How many times have you found yourself heading out to the lake or a pool with an orange inner tube and a martini hand, having no idea which shoes to take? Clearly the answer lies in Blind Faith.

Depending on your comfort level with Blind Faith in general, these shoes come in three different heights: Blind Faith Lo, Mid and Hi. Enjoy the Summer...

The green leather CBCs have been hot right outta the box since their arrival in Fluevog stores the world over. They're now joined by their black canvas, synthetic lining vegan counterpart. For a vegan shoe, John tried to make the black CBC look a little less... well, vegan. Adjust the dial to 88.1 and 'Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!'


John Says: "Blind Faith... you need it to see where you are going."

Ask and you shall receive. Last year, John decided to design a sandal that was a throwback to Fluevog's early days. So he headed to Mexico and rekindled his relationship with one of his favourite old factories. These clogs are classic yesteryear Fluevog and completely handmade to be solid without being heavy. However, keep your wits about you on the street as you try and dodge the unbridled attention.

Travel in style with the Flights. Always find yourself looking for that comfortable, not quite dressy but somewhat dressy, not too trendy / hipster but somewhat trendy / hipster shoe? Well look no further than the flights. Whether you're into the LHR or the YVR, the flights can help you sprint to the gate with ease, or can join you in the lounge for cocktails and warm nuts. With Fluevog, you'll always fly First Class.

Spread your sole around the web one link at a time. For example: If you had a friend who works at CNN who is/isn't a Fluevoger, let them know there's something wrong with their website. Everyone will giggle with glee, as you play yet another hilarious joke on them. Just go to JFAngel and stomp all over the internet to your heart's content.

Just a reminder that Fluevog sends out perfectly timed, wonderfully pleasing daily notes on Twitter and Facebook. Join us for sneak previews, coupon codes, incredibly important announcements pertaining to global security, and poems.


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