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• WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20th 2 0 0 7 •


They're Finally Here!

You've read about them in the papers, seen them at the shows, pined over them in magazines - well the wait is over! Meet the Earth Angels, one of Fluevog’s contributions to a healthier planet. The uppers are vegetable tanned leather that contain no chrome (a standard waste bi-product of traditional tanning). We were sure to use water-based adhesives, as well as soles that are molded straight from the milk of the Hevea tree - this results in a latex sole that is 100% biodegradable! Combined with all the style and comfort features, the Earth Angels are a shoe with a very small footprint, no matter what your shoe size.

If you're concerned about the environment, these are your shoes.If you're concerned about comfort, quality and style, these are your shoes. If your first name doesn't rhyme with Fluevog, these are your shoes.

JF Earth Angels

(Here at John Fluevog, we are trying to give a variety of customers, a variety of options to suit their particular needs, beliefs, eco-standing, style and musical tastes. It's a tricky task, but we've started, we're up for it, and we're only going to get better. For all those non-leather veggie heads out there - stand by, there is something awesome coming very very soon for you!)


John Says: "Good Soles Leave Small Prints."

Limited Christopher LA

We're not kidding around here, our LA store literally has a handful of these suede beauties. The other day, our messenger pigeons made the long journey from Portugal with all they could carry. The result was 5 PAIRS IN EACH COLOUR! Add a zero to that and it's still Limited Edition, but this is ridiculous. These are not available online, they're only available at our LA location on Melrose, but can also be ordered from them by phone at 323-951-9555. They range in size from men's 8 to 11, but after doing the complex trigonometry on that you will realize that if you are in that range and are interested, you have to beat every other man on the planet (good thing we're on your speed dial).

JF Clearance

We’re not even kidding – over the last couple of weeks we have moved a whole wack* load of Shoes to our Clearance section to make your summer a joyous, shoe-filled one. It's all divided into size availability so you don't have to spend a long time trying to find something that fits you. Everything in this section is limited quantity while supplies last. Plus we have both a US and a CANADA section.

Datarock Contest

Just a Norwegian reminder to enter for your chance to win the "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fluevog Datarock Awesomest Ever Prize Pack". You could be one click away from being the Grand Wiener!

*size of wack unknown, but considered very large by most accounts


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