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Contest-Good Shoes!

It's generally accepted that Blind Faith as a philosophy comes in 3 different levels.
Lo - "It's in the mail? Yea, I'm gonna need the tracking number."
Mid - "The CarpaccioCappuccino is good? Sure, let's give that a whirl."
Hi - "Just so I'm clear... If I build it, they will come?"

Being a philosophical shoe company we decided to design beautiful shoes for all 3 levels - which level are you? !

Contest-Good Shoes!

As veteran, card-carrying Fluevogers will know, we occasionally dabble in the pony fur genre of the Portuguese variety. This time we wanted to do something for the gentlemen. It's only style and grace, but I like it.


John Says: "Walk each numbered day with purpose."

Contest-Good Shoes!

Given the connections with this fantastic new band, none of us could resist going into the Contest Business with them. They make awesome tight, danceable guitar-pop music... we love awesome tight, danceable guitar-pop music. They're called Good Shoes... hellooo? And if you rearrange the letters from Good Shoes and Paste Magazine, you can spell out Arne Franz Fluevog (John's 3rd cousin)! Enter to win the best prizes on the planet from Good Shoes, Paste Magazine and John Fluevog.

John is a big supporter of Web Flue.0, and has been ever since he invented the internet. At the moment, he's close to launching a beta site, solely for shoes and purses to network with each other. Until that's live (and to stay up to date) feel free to become a fan of John's on Facebook, and a friend of an individual John Fluevog store on MySpace.


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