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JF Thinks You're Awesome Sale

• THURSDAY, JUNE 30th 2 0 1 1 •

This particular newsletter story is always one of the most anticipated Fluevog newsletter stories of the year. Yet ironically, these words are probably the least read of any story all year, as Fluevogers have no interest in wasting time before getting to the SALE* Shoes Section. With this in mind, we decided to go carte blanche in terms of whimsically written content here and explore the space.

Given that it can be more difficult to focus on anything at all, than on something specific (further irony) we were torn between our enthusiasm for pink feather boas and the nagging question of whether the plural for high end Toyotas is Lexi. Instead we thought we would tackle science and Petology and solve the riddle of what hamsters think about while bathing.

*NOTE: Given their recent emergence, Calgary and Quebec City stores do not have any sale merchandise
(but they still like you). Feel free to shop the SALE online.JF Thinks You're Awesome Sale


Given that John always likes to do things in pairs, he thought we should open another store on the exact same day we start the Annual John Fluevog Thinks You're Awesome Sale. What better way to tell Calgary Fluevogers that John thinks they're awesome? Truth is, we've been hunting for the perfect spot in Calgary for years, and now that we've found it at 207 8th Avenue SW, part of Stephen Avenue Outdoor Mall and Fashion Central, we can't wait to open... good thing we don't have to wait much longer.



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