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John Fluevog Sale

FRIDAY - July 9th 2010

People said it couldn't be done... launching a shoe company built on unique design and genuine appreciation, nurturing and developing it for 40 years, and then offering it in 3D! Well, consider that bridge crossed, that stone overturned and that box ticked. Welcome to the 40th Annual John Fluevog Thinks You're Awesome Sale in 3D!*

John has been witness to a lot of Awesome in his lifetime. In a recent interview, he mentioned that being around for the development of the wheel, fire, and smoked salmon were among some of his most memorable times. He has also been directly involved with several bits of Awesome himself... among other bits, he designed the world's first heart heel, and co-invented the table. But if there's one thing that comes up more often than anything else in John's world, it's you. John Fluevog thinks you're awesome, and is always thankful for his relationship with you. (He also loves that hat of yours that some other people think is a tad over the top for you.) In return, he's done his best to put all the shoes that you think are Awesome on Sale (the ones you didn't care for are still full price).

John Fluevog SALE!

*3D only available in store

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