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John Fluevog Sale 2008

FRIDAY - July 10, 2009

Here's the thing: John Fluevog thinks you're awesome... period. Sure, throughout the year, there are stickers and buttons and a couple of lines of text that sing that same tune, but this is the time of year when John puts his money where his mouth is and brings you the JOHN FLUEVOG THINKS YOU'RE AWESOME SALE. This year the list of beautiful Fluevogs on sale is longer than you can imagine, but more importantly, the prices are cut deeper than ever before!

You know those Fluevogs that you had your eyes on, but couldn't quite decide about? Yep, those are on sale. And remember the ones that your friend said were just a little too bold for you? They weren't and they're on sale! (Incidentally, the ones you didn't like at all... still full price.)
John Fluevog thinks you're awesome... seriously, just ask him...

John Fluevog SALE!

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