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• WEDNESDAY, JULY 14th 2011 •


JF Thinks Your Awesome Sale

If you like shoes or further price reductions on shoes, then you will have already clicked above, and have no interest in what we say here. However, for legal reasons we are required to tell you that the shoes you like have probably been further reduced, while the ones your slightly annoying co-worker (who occasionally thinks she looks good in hats) likes, are most likely regular price. Enjoy the weekend!

Now Open!


John Says:
"Keep it up, keep it going!"

Fluevog Creative Wieners

FluevogSCIENCE recently released findings that prove unequivocally that Fluevogers have a higher capacity for creative thought per capita than any other 'ers. And speaking of FluevogCreative, the finalists have been chosen for the Gateway Downing brief. When you are of sound mind and clear conscience, put the mug down, spend some time with the four finalist submissions and listen to your heart. Vote with confidence once a day, and know that you are part of a Fluevocratic movement that is changing the landscape, and the pagescape of humankind.


Hot & Fresh Design Briefs

If all this voting and artwork gets your creative juices flowing, pour them all over our new creative brief and design an ad for the sexy & sharp On Course Portsides! Upload it to FluevogCreative and save the world from bad adverts.

FC Weiner

Congratulations Nathan Adams! Nathan is our 14th official FluevogCreative. A self-taught graphic designer, Nathan is the fascinating gentleman who submitted artwork for the Meeras and had to beat out some fierce opposition to take top spot, thanks entirely to the voting of Fluevogers Worldwide. Read more about Nathan and take a look at some of his other creations, and get ready to see this one in some of the best publications around the globe (and get ready to see Nathan in some spanking new shoes).


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