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Every year around this time it seems the heat goes to John's head and he lets things slip (mainly prices). During the Summer, John can occasionally be spotted wearing rebellious clothing, driving too fast, partaking in casual texts, designing eccentric shoes and letting prices slip to ridiculous levels, drastically cheapening his sole. Fellow Fluevogers seem to very much enjoy this time of cheapened soles, and prices that border on immoral. If you're the kind of person who delights in taking advantage of cheapened soles, John's cheapened soles are now available for a limited time online or in-store. DDFT


John Says: "Value Your Sole."

Belts are an important cause to us here at Fluevog, as they should be to everyone. Without them our current society probably wouldn't function as well as it does - people would just shuffle from place to place with their pants at their ankles (it would be especially bad for bike couriers). Buckles are also key, as a belt without a buckle is like a door without hinges. That's why we felt obligated to come out with Beautiful Fluevog Leather Belts & Classically Fluevogian Buckles!! Enjoy your stylish pants holders.

If you haven't already, be sure to enter to win a 60GB iPod and a Fluevog/Gnarls Prize Pack. In addition, the first 50 Fluevog customers (either instore or in the online order comment box) to request a FREE copy of Gnarls Barkley's "St.Elsewhere" CD shall receive said CD (while supplies last) with purchase!! Starting............. NOW!

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