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• THURSDAY, JULY 19th 2012 •

Last night on the way home from the Library, John popped up to the office, settled in behind the wheel of our super computer and made some adjustments. As a result we now have almost 400 different styles and colo(u)rs of Fluevogs and Fluevog Accessories on SALE. As if that wasn't enough (for FluevogFinance), he also made Further Reductions to a bunch of already reduced shoes.

It now stands to reason that there's an even greater chance that the shoes you LOVE are on sale, and in your SIZE, for a wee amount of dosh (while the ones you were so-so on are probably still full price).

John Fluevog SALE!

FC Vote

It's official — science has now shown that Fluevogers have significantly more Creativeön in their brains than non-Fluevogers. Not that you need convincing, but we were blessed again with a plethora of amazing artwork for our latest FluevogCreative brief. Take a look at the finalists, VOTE EVERY DAY, join the Fluevolution and save the world from BAdverts!!

FC Brief

Congratulations to Dave of Vancouver who garnered the most of your votes to be crowned the winner of the FluevogCreative 'Andrews' brief and be our 22nd FluevogCreative overall! Dave has many talents and like most creative Fluevogers enjoys a variety of creative interests. Take a moment to learn more on Dave's Bio Page, and keep an eye out for his ad in your favourite magazines.


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