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If you've been with us on Fluevog Twitter or Fluevog Facebook (voted Best Fluevog-Related Social Media Efforts of the Year again...), you'll be aware that the first Fall 2010 shipment of the greatest shoes on the planetT have now arrived in store! When John and the team first prepared for the design of Fall 2010 (the shoes, not the season), they took a week to focus on subtle boldness, colour & color and vintage modern vintage, as it pertained to the most anticipated Fluevog Fall line of the year.

While we're talking about new seasons, have a wander over and see the two latest VogPopulis, with sneak previews of TWO SPRING 2011 shoes!

Thanks again to all the artists who have been submitting creative - if you've not looked recently, we encourage you to browse through the gallery and see the kinds of amazing things your Fellow Fluevogers can do. Also, check out the recent winners... the official FluevogCreatives!

The TwinTurbine 1611 brief closed last week, and has now entered the votebox where Fluevogers are called to perform their Fluevocratic duty and decide on the next official FluevogCreative (dramatic crescendo of 253 Grant Viola players). Be part of the biggest Fluevocratic Movement the advertising world has ever seen. And, if your creative juices are flowing, the Truth Family brief is still open and accepting your creations.

When John left for a trip to SanFran a couple of months ago, beyond missing him, we didn't think much of it. Then he came back and told us he had bought a building! (He left it there of course.) Since then, we have worked day and night to turn it into a Fluevog Store you will love! Come by and take a gander... and watch this space!


John Says: "Let me be your sole mate."

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