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FRIDAY - August 7, 2009

Although John thinks you're Awesome on every day that ends in y, all year round, this particular sale will in fact end quite shortly. And if the mad prices weren't enough to get you thinking of renewing your sole, remember that the majority of styles that are on sale won't be repeated. If you've had a previous love affair with a style that's on sale, or you were thinking about diving deeper into that family... Carpe Fluevog!

John is thrilled to introduce the brand new Bellevue Family, complete with 3 styles. He has high hopes for these renegade ladies - since they arrived 2 weeks ago they have been flying out of the Fluevog stores on the way to the saloon doors. Libby Smith, Mattie Silks and Pearl Hart are all sculpted using a buttery soft Italian leather, and are built on a spirited 2.5" Fellowship-Hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole. As practical as they are, the Bellevues are sure to get you in and out of trouble.


Don't miss your chance to direct the future (of Minis)! Once again, Team Fluevog has designed too many fantabulous styles and colours for a tiny mega-trillion-dollar-multinational-inc company like ours to produce each season. In the case of these new Zazas for Spring '10 (talk about a sneak preview), we have developed two different additional colours, but only have room for one. Internally, we have tried arm wrestling, round-robins, magic 8 balls, 8 magic balls, and judo science to make the decision, but none have been convincing. We'd like you to tell us which is your favourite. As always, when the polls close, we will listen to & obey your decision. Fluevocracy in Action!

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