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• WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11th 2011 •


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John Says:
"Let the dance begin!"

new accessories


80000th order

Thanks for the order Tony — and enjoy those Tokyo Boots on us! Many thanks to the previous 79,999 order-placers and all future order-placers for making fluevog.com the greatest and most successful e-commerce website since John invented the internet.


FC Weiner

Congratulations Xin Shan! Xin is our 15th official FluevogCreative. A Stanford pre-med student, Xin is a young woman with a lot of interests who is looking to contribute to the world by mixing art, medicine, language and business. She recently submitted artwork for the Gateway Downing brief and had to beat out some fierce opposition to take top spot, thanks entirely to the voting of Fluevogers Worldwide. Read more about Xin and take a look at some of her other creations, and get ready to see this one in some of the best publications around the globe (and get ready to see Xin in some OR scrubs and some spanking new shoes).

Hot & Fresh Design Briefs

If all this voting and artwork gets your creative juices flowing, pour them all over our new creative brief and design an ad for the sexy & sharp On Course Portsides! Upload it to FluevogCreative and save the world from bad adverts.

Like and Tweet Shoes

When John invented the first tier of the internet, he knew people would like it however he didn't know people would tweet and '+1' it. Now, through FluevogSCIENCE, you can Like individual shoes right from the individual shoe page. It's so specific and natural, it's just like Liking them in real life.


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new men new women's new accessories new fall 2012