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Just a reminder that there isn't much time left in The "Do you really need new shoes?" Sale. If you really do need new shoes because the only pair of flats you have are older than the dirt they leave toe-prints in, then there's never been a better time to buy! At UP TO 60% OFF , you'd have to look pretty hard to do wrong. On the other hand, if you feel it's our near-capacity Planet (or your spouse) asking the question, by all means bring in your old wearable shoes, any brand, give them to the staff at any Fluevog Store and we'll donate them to some suitably deserving soles. Imagine, shoe shopping and good deeds.

You voted - we listened. Back in February, we asked you to vote for your favourite colourways of the then unreleased Teapot Senchas. Well, you chose the colours, we made them, and they just arrived in store, fresh from the hands of Portuguese tea-drinkers. Serve and be Served - Fluevocracy in Action!


John Says: "Fluevog Payment Plan: Full money down, Guaranteed interest."

Tell John where to advertise next! Once again, we are calling on your sense of style, scale, smell and Fluevog. This time we want you to choose the next magazine we advertise in. Once you have all voted, your collective voice shall be heard and obeyed (and you may even win a subscription!). So choose wisely sweet, attractive Fluevogers - help spend some of our ridiculously gigantic, multi-digited ad budget.

Here at Fluevog, we are trying to give our variety of customers a variety of options to suit their particular needs, beliefs, eco-standing and height. In the case of the new unisexy DOGs, materials include advanced non-leather synthetic from outer space, shock absorbing natural crepe soles and water based glues. All the benefits of leather without the unsightly dead cow.


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