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•TUESDAY, AUGUST 21st 2012•

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Free Shipping

Earlier today, lifelong Fluevoger Shannon sat down to her computer in Los Angeles to buy her friend a Fluevog Gift Certificate (how nice is Shannon?). Little did she know, when she pressed the 'Hooray' button, she had placed the 100,000th Online Fluevog Order since a particular date in history!! That Gift Certificate is on us, but Shannon now has the added pressure of picking a new pair of Fluevogs for herself, on us... a pair that will be her 29th pair!!
Thanks to every one of the previous 99,999 order placers, and all future order placers. We proclaim FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING* until Friday at midnight to celebrate!
(*Click here for more details.)


Daily Miracles: Mystery

Soprano: Patty

While we're all enjoying summer's sunset, fresh Fall Fluevogs have begun to fill the shelves of your local Fluevog Store, ready to comfort and compliment. Who doesn't want to see a Daily Miracle, when they're made in the same family run Peruvian factory that's been producing Fluevogs of outstanding quality and craftsmanship for years!? Or check out the Patty Tote — everything you loved about the hugely popular Soprano Tote with updated leathers and added versatility. Fall in Love with Fluevog!


Fluevog on Instagram

For the most pleasing Vogstagram photos on your phone, follow us on Instagram @fluevog. Recent winner of the greatest Fluevog Instagram Profile in all of history, @fluevog only has room for a limited amount of followers, and we're almost full! We hope to see you there enjoying the foto fun!


John Says:
"Fellowship is encouraging words... said in faith."



Let's welcome Fluevog DC in Georgetown to the Fluevog Fold!! Reflecting John's positive and bright messages, Fluevog DC is completely Fluevogified with Pop Art inspired Shoe-Art and panels in bright, modern colo(u)rs. This latest Fluevog Store also has a dedicated Men's Department in the back room, for Gentlemanly comfort while trying on the most unique shoes in the world. If you're close by, pop in and see the latest addition to The Fluniverse!!


FC Winner

Congratulations to Natalie of Toronto, Ontario who garnered the most of your votes to be crowned the winner of the FluevogCreative 'K2' brief. Natalie is a dedicated Performance Artist and like most Creative submitters enjoys a variety of creative interests. Nice work Natalie, and thanks to all the Fluevogers who submitted and voted!


FC Brief

If all of this gets your juices flowing, head on over to FluevogCreative and design an ad for the New Genevieve Boot! Either way, you'll get to flex your creative muscles, but you may also win $1000 in Fluevog Credit! Save the world from BAdverts!


Feature Keaton

Already, The Keaton Boots have been a big hit in store. Featuring soft Italian leathers with denim detailing, a rounded toe with a good toe spring, and an edgy design built on rubber injected soles, The Keaton Boot proves to be an entirely unique look. Solid foundations last a lifetime.



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