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•WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23rd 2 0 0 6 •


Don't say we didn't warn you - this is your LAST CHANCE to grab those Fluevogs that you're obviously in love with, and are on Super Sale right now. Given that our styles (and moods) change on a regular basis, most of these styles will not be available again - ever? - Ever. Side effects from not taking advantage of John Cheapening his Sole include Fluevotension, Reduction of 'ohh and ahh' levels from complete strangers and Soulstenosis. Stay healthy, wear Fluevogs.


John Says: "Serve and Be Served."

Calling all Classic Angels! Whether you're an Ivan, a Michael, a Flame or a Supervog wearer (or all of the above), have we got a treat for you. John has done 6 New Limited Edition Color Variations of his Classic Angels (Red, White and Blue Supervog & The SeattleVog not shown here). When we say Limited Edition, we don't mean only 1,000 pairs, or only 5,000 pairs like mainstream, regular, run-of-the-mill, mega-corp shoe manufacturer's limited editions - John has decided to produce roughly 50 PAIRS in each color combination company-wide/world-wide. That's like an instant collector's item. Put it this way, of each variety, we only have one pair for every 131,126,248 people* - not only will you have new kick ass Angel Souls, but imagine being 1 in 131 million (and your mum thought you were just one in a million). Don't Delay, Fluevog Today (seriously)!

*number accurate to within 4 people at time of publication

After such a good reaction to the ModVog and Romance shoe and boot lines, John decided to do some matching purses - perfect for keeping your beautiful shoes company. Check out the various colors here.

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