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New Collection

Fresh Fluevogs: Men

It's true what they say about shoe's personalities... they're all different. But one thing's for sure, getting them all to stand in a line without fidgeting or making funny faces is near impossible. We've done the best we can here, to give you a good overall visual of what's in store and online in our New Collection.

Fresh Fluevogs: Men

Fresh Fluevogs: Women

Beautiful, elegant, eye-catching, outrageous and stunning are words we commonly use to describe you ladies out there (especially you), and as always, John's tried to design a New Collection to match your soul. If you're in the neighbourhood, swing by and try a pair on... or just try them all on!

Women's Shoes

Fresh Fluevogs: Accessories

Whether you're looking for a bag to join you on a weekend jaunt, a bike ride, a flight, a meeting, or a red carpet, this season's bags have you covered. They can all hold an impressive amount, although space for emotional baggage is limited to lighter items.




Buy the world's greatest boots and shoes at the lowest prices, sorted by size. If you don't know your size, check with a Fluevogologist or ask your mom, because moms know everything.


Denver Now Open


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