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If you're interested in checking out the newly restocked Clearance section, then you've probably already clicked on the big Clearance button above, and aren't even reading this. Right now, you're probably scanning your size and checking out the deals on beautiful fresh Fluevogs that everyone will love. If you're not interested, you just hit Send/Receive again. As there is no audience, we're going to stop writing. If a tree fails in the florist...


John Says:
"Miracles are the surprises of the soul."


FC Vote

Given it's an election year, take this opportunity to practice your voting skills - in our case, once a day! Choose your favourite Fluevoger-created ad to spread the word about the Genevieve shoe in the pages of classy magazines everywhere (not quite everywhere). Vote well, and vote often and celebrate your Fluevog Community!



While shoes generally carry the same things around time after time, bags have to accommodate all sorts of fillers: books, wallets, make-up, phones, garlic, scarves, massive sunglasses, circus-won goldfish, signed baseballs, slightly smaller bags etc. Depending on your baggage, we've got the perfect mixture of sexy, cute and practicality (amazing right?).



We're so excited to come to Minneapolis!! In fact, when John's Grandfather emigrated from Europe, he settled in Minnesota, so this is kind of like a Fluevog homecoming! We're working as fast as we can to get the store ready and the stock prepared, and we can say with certainty this store will open in 2012. There is also a murmuring of a men's and a women's shoe in limited edition colors available only in the Minneapolis store upon opening. Stay tuned!


FC Brief

If seeing all this eye candy has got your heart racing, and your creative brain flying around all your other more responsible brains, and you in'advert'ently just yelled out I want to design a Fluevog Ad! then you're in luck. Head over to FluevogCreative, design and submit an ad for this awesome new Swordfish Boot and you may be swimming in $1000 of Fluevog credit!



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