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• WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 t h 2 0 0 5 •


With every new season, our most Peaceful line of unisex shoes continues to expand. Please welcome two new additions: The Pax lace-up Peacemaker and the Di zip-up Peacemaker boot. Both of these use the same supple, pebbled leathers and are built on John’s same Peaceful Sole as every other member of the Peacemaker Family.

John developed the Peacemaker Line to give people the opportunity to spread Peace around their worlds one step at a time. (And on a side note, it just so happens they look great with Denim - imagine, Style and Karma in one product).




John Says:
"Plant your sole on solid ground."


John has hit the road again – today until Friday (September 7th to 9th) John will be in and around the Fluevog Store at 1539-41 N. Milwaukee Ave., CHICAGO. By all means come by to tell him your thoughts on his shoes and bags (or his hair), buy him a snack (young John has a bit of a sweet tooth), ask him about his shoe dreams or buy a pair of kicks from the man himself.

Then on the upcoming Saturday (September 10th) the entire Design Office, including John and the JF Head Office Managers, will be working the VANCOUVER Store (837 Granville Street) for the day. So drop by and get some shoes from some of the people who keep this incredibly well-oiled, multi-national mega-corporate machine running so smoothly.


Check out the latest addition to the Fellowship Line: The Limited Edition Pink Nun Shoe. John is down with the Pink Nun and thought he would design a shoe for/in honor of/inspired by her. If you’re into Fighting the Filth or just into all things pink, have a gander at her shoe.

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