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• WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th 2 0 0 9 •


Own the room... and then some. The Vibe is an ultra-sexy fold-over ankle bootie featuring corset-style lace ups with gold grommets, soft Italian leathers, and a shiny gold leather lining. Perhaps it's the 3/4" concealed platform, the leather soles, and the gold detailing, but this little sexpot is surprisingly comfortable despite a 4" golden heel. Whether you are home alone or surrounded by commuters on the bus, the Vibe is going to satisfy that stylish urge, and possibly cure what was referred to in 1880 as female hysteria. Your BodyParts are not communal property.

For all those fans of earlier styles of Future Angels, John proudly presents The Future James. With his flexible and lightweight molded sport sole for quick movement and lightning wit, The James is certainly a relation of both Charles and Will. However, James has a slightly more polished finish both in terms of leather and character, and comes in three charming colour combinations. And, as with all Future Angels, engraved in the 50% rubber/50% all-natural latex are the ancient words of wisdom... Your sole will direct your future.


John Says: "When we walk in quiet places our soul is rested... take the time to be still."

We have 2 tickets to give away for every North American stop of Moby's "Wait For Me" Tour from September 17th to October 23rd, 2009. If you live in or close to one of the 24 cities that Moby is playing in this Fall, you can win a pair of tickets to his show. In addition, all ticket winners will be entered to win a brand new pair of John Fluevog Shoes! (If you wonder why Moby and Fluevog chose each other for this contest, put it this way... the longest word you can make from the letters of Moby and Fluevog is 'Lovebug'...)

We asked Fluevogers worldwide to tell us which one of two new colourways we should produce the wildly popular Mini Zaza in for Spring 2010. The rush of votes was the highest we've ever seen at VogPopuli headquarters as people beat their way to the voting machines (some of which jammed from over stimulation). In the end, you ultimately chose the purple/gold colourway, a result the whole world can be proud of. However, there remained one question... what to do with the beautiful and popular runner-up?...

VogPopuli was so close this time that we decided to give the runner-up pair of Zazas to one lucky Fluevoger. If you were one of the millions of votes that went the other way, this is your chance to win your choice candidate for personal use - just imagine the Hi-5s you'll get on the street from fellow Pink Zaza supporters. (Amazingly, the only Zaza in the world in this colour just happens to be in your size!)


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