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Head2Toe Haiku Contest

Enter to win a pair of hats from our BFFs at Goorin Bros, and a pair of Fluevogs from us! To enter, construct a Haiku (5, 7, 5 syllables or close ;) inspired by 'Head2Toe' in 140 characters or less – but don't quit your day job, the winner will be chosen randomly.

Fluevog and Goorin,
Not quite family but darn close,
Here to make your day!

The Heritage Collection

As hard as it was for him to admit, John has accepted that he's been doing this gig for a very long time. One of the benefits of being at the wheel for donkeys, is you can rightfully use the word 'Heritage' where ever you see fit. John decided it was perfect for describing his latest round of carrying accessories, as they're classic sophisticated and well-made.


John Says:
"Prepare for the Future, choose well today."

Fluevog Creative Wieners

Remember the afternoon you met that Cuban weatherman near the vending machines, who was complaining about the choice of advertisements that sandwich his camera time? Imagine how thrilled he would be to learn that there is a place where you can vote on your adverts of choice. Next time you're getting a soda, let him know that the finalists have been chosen for the On Course Portside brief. When he's calmed down, he can spend some time with the four finalist submissions, listen to his heart, and Vote with confidence once a day, in the knowledge that he is part of a Fluevocratic movement that is turning the pages of magazine advertising.


Hot & Fresh Design Briefs

If all this voting and artwork gets your creative juices flowing, pour them all over our new creative brief and design an ad for the classic, sexy Munsters! Upload it to FluevogCreative and save the world from bad adverts.


This is where our experiments take place. Come see our latest: "FLUEVOG" defined by Fluevogers. We asked over 23,000 Fluevogers (including many of you eloquent readers) what Fluevog meant to them…here are the top 100 responses.

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