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• TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th 2 0 0 8 •


Every Fall, fashionable Fluevogers (as if there are any other kinds) and other unique souls stand by for Fluevog's unveiling of the new unique soles. In fact, one famed Fluevoger (as if there are any other kinds) recently noted, that this Fall collection is even a little more uniquier than the Fluevog Fall 07 collection.  We ask you to make up your own mind while you peruse the pages of fluevog.com - or take a stroll down to your local neighborhood Fluevog store and chat about the new line with a flirty Fluevogologist (as if there are any other kinds).

The young John Fluevog of January 1970 would be thrilled that John Fluevog Shoes has become the thriving, competent, global footwear company that it is today. On John's first day of work at a shoe store, he showed up in his 53 MG TD donning his 10 piece suit ready to do the business. At the end of a fruitful day he was asked to drop the day's mail off on his way home. That night they found it in the bank's night deposit box - everyone was thankful it wasn't the other way around. From then on, John knew his strengths lay not in paperwork, but in fashion and design. Soon after, he could be found lacing gentlemen up in knee high patent leather boots at the local Fox & Fluevog.


John Says: "Walk with Individual Boldness."

In his never-ending quest to give Fluevogers a voice, John unveils the latest CHOSEN design from the pre-2.0, pre-wiki Open Source Footwear Program. San Francisco-based artist Samantha Zaza submitted her wonderful design in June 2007 from her original sketch on the back of a convenient appliance manual. When John saw Samantha's submission, he pictured it fitting in perfectly with the rest of the new Fall members of the classic Mini Family. And after a little back and forth we are thrilled to present The Zaza - designed with Real Fluevogers!

If you've got a shoe stuck in your head that you'd like to see removed, and turned into a real pair of Fluevogs for the whole world, submit a drawing at Open Source Footwear. For inspiration, feel free to browse through the hundreds of Fluevoger-submitted designs, and then get started. Your ideas could become actual shoes!

The Blind Faith Clutch is a sassy dual purpose bag that proves that clutch bags are not just for night wear any more – it goes well with jeans and a t-shirt, as well as that little black dress. The punch of soft baccarat colors and sophistication is such an easy style statement to make any outfit modernized. This bag is a perfect size (H9”xW12”xW2.5”) to fit into a larger commuter bag, or for the essentials on the go.

A few times a year, we restock and reblossom  the online Clearance Center with fresh clearance shoes divided into size availability so you can zero in on your size at the speed of sound. Our timing of updates are planned by 'science' and are impossible to predict, but we wanted to let you know (especially you), that we just updated it! We’re not even kidding – over the last couple of days we have moved a whole wack load of Shoes to our Clearance section to make your Fall a joyous, shoe-filled one. Everything in here is limited quantity, and as some of you painfully know, once that beloved shoe is gone, it's often gone for good (or is it 'gone for bad').


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