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Within the last month or so, John has released several new styles in addition to 4 New Families!! It's amazing how one mortal man can birth not only hundreds of individual styles, but so many families within one lifetime (although John is over 400 years old). Not only that, these families always grow and multiply well beyond the control of a traditional mega-corporation.

This month we are proud as parents to present the following new Families (shown above): The Picnics (Life's a Picnic - Take the day off ), The Wearevers (Wherever you go, give thanks), The Togethers (The more we Vog together, the happier we'll be) and the Flights (Fluevog Air - Where every flight is first class). If you're happy enough with your current family, check out the new additions to existing Fluevog Families (below).


John Says: "Join the Fluevog Movement."

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Whoopi has taken daytime TV by storm. Not only with her point of view, but also with her choice of footwear. That's right, Whoopi has discovered Fluevogs. In her first week, she sported both the red and the black Mini Lovers & today she strolled out in a beautiful pair of Operetta Giulias.

Thank you to the millions and millions of Fluevogers that voted in the last VogPopuli - always appreciated. And congratulations to the folks at Juxtapoz Magazine - you have been chosen by Fluevogers worldwide to be the latest publication to feature fanciful Fluevog Ads.



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